Best Electric Stoves & Ranges in 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

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If you love cooking, then you must know about the importance of the stove in the kitchen. Nowadays, a variety of stoves are present in the market that enhances your experience. These stoves are novel, enhanced, electrically improved and prove to be very constructive in the kitchen. You can easily manage the baking or cooking of your food without any intrusion.

Best Electric Stoves

The invention of the electric stoves has completely eliminated the need for solid fuel stoves. This is because with electric stoves you can perform the same process with less work. If we say that electric stoves have changed the way of cooking and have made it much easier then it is not wrong.

Here Are Our Top 9 Best Electric Stoves & Ranges 2020

1. Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range
2. Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range
3. GE PS950SFSS 30″ 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range
4. LG LRE3083ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range
5. Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range
6. Frigidaire FGEF3035RF Gallery 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range
7. Samsung Appliance NE59J7630SS 30″ 5.9 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range
8. KITCHENAID KSEG700ESS 30-Inch 5-Element Electric Slide-In True Convection Range
9. Whirlpool WFE515S0ES 5.3 Cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range

Best Electric Stoves Table

All Best Electric Stoves Reviews

1- Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range

Bosch has always provided the best cooktops and built-in wall ovens. If you are thinking to buy a new range, then you must have a look at Bosch HEI8054U 800 30” stainless steel electric slide-in smoothtop range. The electric stove enables conventional cooking by using the temp conversion feature. This feature maintains the taste of the food and at the same time cooks it properly. There are 11 different types of modes present in this stove. These features make cooking very easy. You can also improve your cooking skills with these modes. With this best electric stove, you will get a fast pre-heat. This means your time will be reduced.

If you look at the top of the stove then it contains one 1,100W/3,200W element present at the top right side, one 1400W/3000W element present at the top left side, two 1200W rear elements present at the top back and in the middle, it also contains 100W element for warming. These burners are placed in such a way that they can be used at the same time.

Moreover, the timer is also available so that you can set the time for your food. Another amazing thing is it contains a large window through which you can check and view your food while being engaged in other activities. This product by Bosch has one year of defects warranty.


  • a big oven available
  • contains different 11 cooking modes
  • easily cleanable
  • dual heating available
  • the large window at the front


  • the weight of the stove is high, so it is not easy to move it.

Our Verdict 

If you are looking for a perfect electric stove that helps you in your kitchen then you must try Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range. It contains 5 burners that you can use simultaneously and save your time. This stove is perfect for baking, roasting, broiling, simmering, etc.


2. Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range

Electrolux El30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30’’ Stainless steel electric slide-in smoothtop range-convection is another amazing electric stove. This stove is considered as best because of its amazing performance and design. It provides seven different cooking modes including convection roast, bake, convection broil, broil, keep warm, convection bake and slow cook.

It contains 5 different elements that provide you multiple options. It also contains 4.6 feet dual oven. These 5 elements along with the seven cooking modes make sure that your food is cooked properly and evenly.

As its name suggests it contains Touch digital. This touch makes many things easy for you as you will not have to manually adjust the things. Another great feature that is called as alert features is added. This featured is used when the food is ready, and the user gets alert. if you keep the food inside the stove, the range automatically adjusts the temperature that suits your food.


  • the warm draw is present to keep the food
  • easily cleanable
  • seven different cooking modes
  • IQ touch control
  • Oven rack


  • Burner does not stand properly

Our Verdict

If you want your meal to be cooked properly and want it in the best condition, then Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection.


3. GE PS950SFSS 30″ 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

GE has always created the most elegant and accurate electric stoves. The inner side of the oven contains a black glossy design that makes this oven different and unique from others

Those who find it difficult to clean the oven then this oven suits you because of it as a self-cleaning roller. This roller will make many things easy for you. It has 1200 to 3600 watts that will keep your food warm. This oven makes sure that airflow properly in the oven so that your food cooks evenly from all sides.

The stove is durable, accurate and flow of air is properly from inside and outside. You can easily fit your cookware at the elements because of the expandable bridge zone. This oven contains double sides, this feature is just amazing as you can cook the two meals at the same time. As long as your food is in the oven, it will stay warm.

As the stove has the self-cleaning ability you may think it uses chemicals or warm water for cleaning. No, there is no such thing. The stove cleans itself through the steam.

Moreover, the stove also contains the touch facility that is appreciated by many users.


  • Easily cleanable
  • Large over is available for storage
  • It is easy to install the stove
  • Touch controls available
  • Great self-cleaning ability


  • Weight of the stove is high

Our Verdict

The stove is great as you can install it easily and you will not have to clean it daily. It will stay clean because of its self-cleaning facility by using the generated steam.


4. LG LRE3083ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range – Convection

LG LRE3083ST 30’’ stainless steel Electric stove will never disappoint you with its amazing and unique features. This electric stove contains true convection. The true convection is best for accurate even cooking and fast preheating.

We know that everyone likes fast cooking as you will not have to spend much time in the kitchen. The oven contains convection that keeps the ideal temp inside the oven that cooks the food fast.

If you are a touch lover, then you are going to love the IntuiTouch control system along with the intuiscroll display. It will make your cooking easy.

For the ease of users, they have arranged everything strategically. On the left side of the panel, 4 cooking elements are present. While on the right side, all-electric stove controls are present.

This product is considered as the best and powerful for boiling in the market. This is because of its power double element that is 6400 watts. Moreover, it has a self-cleaning facility.


  • Large window present
  • Drawer is available for storage
  • Easily cleanable


  • The door of the oven is flawed.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an oven that helps you get your food ready quickly and easily then you should have a look at the LG LRE3083ST 30’’ stainless steel electric stove. It will make things easy for you with touchpads, convection, steam clean and much more.


5. Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

The Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 has duo door design. It means you don’t need to open the complete door all the time. It is also possible to open the just top portion. In other words, the oven is divided into two portions and you can cook or bake two things simultaneously.

This range is freestanding double oven electric stove contains stainless steel at the front. At the top of the stove, there are five burners including the tri-ring and warming zone. Two burners are combined to make the bridge burners. The controls of the stove are present at the backside along with the range of top controls.

If you look inside the oven, it contains two standard racks and one split rack. You can adjust the settings of the convection bake, convection roast, keep warm, broil, bake, dehydrate, slow cook, steam clean cycle and much more.

The smart divider feature of the oven divides the single oven into two halves. By doing so, you can prepare two dishes parallel. The temp control system of the oven keeps the temp that is best to cook your food properly.

The oven has a capacity of almost 6 cubic feet where you can cook or bake dishes of large size as well. By using the split rack facility of the NE59J850WS you can manage more space for your tall dishes.


  • Adjustable cooking top
  • Self-cleaning (Steam)
  • Storage of oven is large
  • Warm drawer


  • The oven may cause some temp issues when splitting into two.

Our Verdict

We highly suggest you Samsung NE59J7850W 30 if you want a freestanding electric stove that provides many amazing facilities including duo door, convection, flexible, effective and many others.


6. Frigidaire FGEF3035RF Gallery 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range 

Either you are using the high or light cookware during cooking, the Frigidaire FGEF3035RF gallery 30’’ stainless steel will never disappoint you.

When you visit the electric stove, you will find many brands but this one has won the heart of users because of its baking convection. It provides the super-fast convection that makes your cooking easy. The stainless-steel present in this stove keeps this stove clean as it avoids any fingerprints, solid and such other things on the stove.

If you don’t have time to clean your stove daily, then don’t worry the Frigidaire FGEF3035RF gallery 30’’ stainless steel electric smooth top range has the self-cleaning facility. You will not have to buy additional chemicals to clean it.

It also contains a power burner that provides the facility of fast boiling. It contains grates that start from one side and ends at the other end and make possible to cook your meal perfectly. These grates contain low simmer which can be used to cook different delicacies.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Convection available for fast cooking
  • Drawer for storage capacity
  • Power burner


  • Grates are made up of light material

Our Verdict

This electric stove is going to make your kitchen life easy. You will get everything in this stove like self-cleaning, convection, power burner and many other such things.


7. Samsung Appliance NE59J7630SS 30″ 5.9 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range

Samsung NE59J7630SS contains amazing 5 burners on which you can use pans of different sizes. These burners make sure that you can easily cook multiple dishes at the same time.

The oven contains 2400 watts element for baking and 3400 watts for the broiler. However, one thing that you must know the oven does not have a convection fan. This stove contains the intensive-heat self-clean ability for the complete cleaning of the stove.

If you take a look at its burners, then two are present at the front that supports large size of pans. The three burners present at the back top makes sure to keep the temp that is necessary to keep your food warm instead of burning it.

The burner contains seven different rack positions. It is totally up to you, you can change the position of the racks. Moreover, the oven space is also available.

NE59J7630SS contains true convection feature which makes sure that your food is cooked properly and evenly from all sides. True convection is required when we talk about baking and boiling.


  • Contains steam cleaning facility
  • Large oven capacity available
  • Easy installation
  • Dual convection


  • May have heavyweight

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an electric stove that has a flexible cooktop then you should consider using the freestanding electric range with 5 smooth top electric elements, storage drawer stainless steel.


8. KITCHENAID KSEG700ESS 30-Inch 5-Element Electric Slide-In True Convection Range

The Kitchenaid KSEG700ESS is something that is going to serve you all in the kitchen. With this electric stove in your kitchen, we are sure that you will be able to cook your meals properly.

It contains additional baking draw where you can keep the cooking options if needed. A separate portion is available to keep the food. The temp of this portion varies depending on the food that you are keeping in it.

This electric stove contains five cooking elements that work independently of each other. These elements also contain a warming zone where you can keep a food that is ready to serve. These burners are of the different sizes usually lies between the 6 inches to 12 inches.

The oven of the KSEG700ESS is big and provides the facility of multiple dishes cooking at the same time. You can easily cook your large size meals in this oven. You can adjust the tempo of the baking drawer separately if you want to.


  • Contains true convection
  • Provides wireless probe facility
  • Provides FIT guarantee


  • The glass control may cause some issues if they are not used for a long time.

Our Verdict

Kitchenaid KSEG700ESS is here to solve all of your cooking and baking problems. You can make super use of its true convection feature to cook your food quickly.


9. Whirlpool WFE515S0ES 5.3 Cu. ft. Capacity Electric Range

Whirlpool WFE515S0ES 5.3 cu. Ft contains an oven that is designed so perfectly that it provides cooking facilities along with allowing the user to keep the nutrients.

The good thing about this product is it will take very little space in your kitchen as compared to other electric stoves.

It contains the temperature sensor which adjusts the temperature with respect to the food or cooking elements you keep in it. By doing so, your food will be cooked properly from all sides.

The large capacity of 5.3 cu.ft has the ability to heat both large and small pans. If we talk about the cleaning of this stove, then the ceramic glass smooth surface is very easy to clean. It just takes your few minutes.


  • A large window is present in front of the oven
  • Large storage drawer
  • Self-cleaning facility
  • Less weight
  • AccuBake temp management system


  • It’s not easy to keep the burners clean all the time

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an electric stove that takes less space in your kitchen and also provides all other necessary requirements as other stoves do then you should try using the Whirlpool WFE51S0E 5.3 cu. Ft. freestanding.


Why Electric Stoves are Important:

  • Electric stoves make your kitchen less warm as compared to the gas stoves.
  • It is comparatively easy to clean the electric stoves as they have only one smooth surface.
  • Electric stoves are consistence in terms of temp and ultimately in cooking.
  • It is easy to control the heat at the electric stoves. Like sometimes you need more heat and sometimes you need less heat.
  • The cost of the electric stoves is usually less as compared to the gas stoves. However, the cost may vary depending on the specification of the stove and also on your region.
  • Another important thing is, the electric stoves are safer to use because they contain no flame. It is especially good for parents with small babies. With electric stoves, they will not have to worry much about it.

We know that it is not easy to choose one stove that satisfies all of your requirements when multiple choices available. For your ease, we have created a list of best electric stoves available in the market. You can read this article thoroughly to get the complete information of these stoves and choose one for yourself.

The 3 Range Designs

When you visit the market to buy the electric stove you will find three categories of design first one is freestanding, second is drop in and the third is slide in. You can choose one design that you like and at the same time, you must focus your choice must satisfy your requirements. Let’s have a look at them one by one


It is named as freestanding because it has finished sides and you can adjust it in the space that is present along with your cabinet or cupboard. You can also keep freestanding at any place in your kitchen.

Most of the freestanding electric ranges contain back guards that have all controls. Because of this feature, the freestanding has less price. However, if you have already used the slide-in range that has control present at the top of the cooktop then you might find the freestanding irritating.

Now, the freestanding is available that looks like a slide-ranges. In other words, they have controls at the front. However, it means you just need to keep them between your cabinets.


Unlike the freestanding, the slide-ins do not have finished sides that means you just need to have a specific place to keep these ranges. All of their control is present at the top. There is no back guard. Slide-in ranges contain trim filler along with the tighter fit that makes them lie between the range and counters.

The great thing about the slide-ins is that you can easily clean them, and they have a very nice look. As we have mentioned, the side-ins have controls at the front that make them safe because you don’t have to reach the back of the range like in freestanding. However, these ranges are expensive and their price starts at $900.


Drop-in ranges easily and comfortably fit into your kitchen cabinets. However, they do not have extra space like a draw to keep things. Because of this problem, they are less common, and people prefer to use freestanding and slide-ins over drop-ins.

Things to Consider While Buying a Range

When you are planning to buy a new range for yourself, you need to consider various things at first. Let’s check out what are these things

Fuel Type

If you have decided to buy a new electric stove and still thinking which fuel range, it should have then this section is going to serve you well. There are different types of fuel ranges. Given below are all of them. let’s find out which suits you best

1. Gas— Gas fuel range provides

  1. quick boiling of water
  2. it contains a central flame and provides more irregular baking and cooking.
  3. provides lower cooktop temp

2. Electric— Electric fuel range provides

  1. slow boiling of water
  2. the flame is distributed over the coil and it promotes more even baking and cooking
  3. supports higher cooktop temp

3. Dual-fuel— Dual fuel range provides

  1. quick boiling of water
  2. it contains flame that is divided over the coil and supports even baking and cooking.

4. Induction— Induction fuel range provides

  1. the fastest boiling of water
  2. needs cookware
  3. low and high cooktop temp
  4. sometimes need recipe tempering

According to your cooking requirements and likeness you can choose the one fuel type. However, you must know that induction and dual fuel are more expensive as compared to the other fuel types

Convection vs. True Convection

True convection is basically an addition of extra heating elements in the oven. The purpose of this element is to circulate the hot air. If the hot air circulates in the oven the food that you are cooking like cookies or cake will be cooked from all sides equally. It makes sure that your cookies do not burn from the side that is close to the bottom heat and the upper side remains uncooked.

If the company has not mentioned any European convection or true convection that means it does not have any additional heat element. However, if they have mentioned only convectional then it must have a fan that circulates the hot air. Your food will be cooked more evenly with the true convection.

Some ranges are available in the market the do no contain true convections but still, they are not bad. They just take more time to cook your food properly. If you are a good cook or baker, then you can save a lot of your time with the convection.

Slide-in vs. Free-standing

The slide-in ranges are usually found in the cabinets present in the kitchen while the free-standing is a stand-alone range in the kitchen. There are two main differences between slide-ins and free-standing one is ease of cleaning and the other is the finished look.

Finished Look

The free-standing ranges are visible from all sides, so they have a more nice and pretty finish. However, the slide-in is hidden in the cabinets so they don’t have much pretty finish like a free-standing.

Ease of Cleaning

It is easy to clean the slide-ins as they are fixed with their counterparts while on the other hand, the free-standings are difficult to clean. The difficulty in cleaning is also because of the large lip present at the edge. This lip is not present at the slide-ins.

Front-mounted Control Panel vs. Back-mounted Control Panel

As we have already mentioned in the article, the free-standing has control present at the backside. While the control of the slide-in is front-mounted or in other words it is present at the top. Both of these arrangements of control have advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the back-mounted control, then you will have to reach the back over the hot food. It means there is more possibility that you will hit something present at the top. In case of the front-mounted control, what happens if you suddenly press the knob??

Whether you are using the front-mounted or back-mounted you should arrange and use it in such a way that it is safe and efficient for you.


If you have decided to use the slide-in range, then first check the place where you want to place it and the dimensions given in the range specification sheet. There are three different types of dimensions that you need to check

  • DepthThe depth is basically the distance from front to back. The depth is usually between 26 inches to 30 inches. This site is used to fix the range of your cabinetry.
  • HeightThe height is basically the distance from top to bottom. The height is usually between the 36 inches to the 38 inches. This is because the height must have the same level as their counterparts.
  • WidthThe width is basically a distance from left to right. The size of the width varies, and it is usually 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches. Most people prefer wide ranges and no doubt they are good, but they need more space and they are expensive too.

On the other side, if you are deciding to buy the free-standing then it is better to check the dimensions for this as well. By doing so, you can make sure that you can easily place it in your kitchen where you want or not.

Additional Cooktop Options

This thing depends on how frequent and how much amount of food you cook daily. Most of the ranges usually contain four-burners at the top. However, if the ranges contain additional burners, they are a bonus for you. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to use cookware like large pans at the top of the range that contains more burners. It is also possible that these burners are available for some specific cookware like wok or griddle. These burners may also present here so you can keep food to keep it warm. Another great thing is the dual-ring burner. The dual-ring burner contains two heat sources one is weak, and another is strong. You can switch between these two heat sources depending on the temperature that you need.

Additional Oven Options

For some additional oven options, you can choose different accessories that are available like temperature probe, special oven racks, fast preheat, steam cooking, bread proofing, air fry mode, and many other options are available from which you can choose. Higher-end range and double-oven range are also available.

Fit and Finish

Most of the ranges are available in the black and white finish. However, some of these also come in stainless steel options. You can choose the range that suits the setup of your kitchen. however, the variation or newly added varieties may have prices high as compare to the previous version.


You will find a suitable stove or range for yourself whether you have a short budget or a very good budget. Different ranges with different budgets are available in the market. the prices of ranges usually depend on the features, storage capacity, cooktop, control, and such other things.

Single oven or double oven

Double ovens are great when you need to cook the two meals at the same time. Like you can cook the roast at the high temperature on one side. While at the medium temp you can boil your vegetables. Moreover, you will not have to use the large oven every time you can use the small over for small meals and can save your energy costs. Double ovens that belong to the freestanding usually comes in the range of $1000

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Electric Stoves

Which brand of electric range is best?

Given below are some best electric range brands

  • Frigidaire professional FPEF3077QF
  • Samsung NE59J7650WS
  • GE JB655SKSS
  • LG LDE4415ST
  • Kenmore ELITE 95223and much more

You can choose one stove depending on your condition and which satisfies all of your needs.

What is the best brand for stoves?

Given below are some best brands for the electric stoves

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool

What is the best electric glass top stove?

Given below are some best electric glass top stove

  • GE 6.6 Cu
  • Samsung 5.9 cu
  • Kitchen 6.4 cu
  • LG Electronics 7.3 cu
  • Whirlpool 4.8 cu

What is the most reliable oven brand?

Following brands are considered as most reliable in 2019

      • LG
      • Samsung
    • Bosch
    • Maytag
    • Gaggenau
  • Miele 

What’s the best electric range to buy?

Given below are some best electric ranges that you can try and choose one for yourself

  • Frigidaire professional FPEF3077QF
  • Samsung NE59J750WS
  • Samsung NE59J750WS
  • LG LDE4415ST
  • Samsung NE59M680WS

What is the most reliable range?

Given below is the list of gas ranges along with their reliability percentage. You can have a look at it

  • Whirlpool 2.8%
  • SKS 3.57%
  • Samsung 5.51%
  • Premier 17.31%
  • Bosch 19.38%

How many years does a stove last?

This thing depends on whether you are using the electric stove or gas stove. The electric stove usually lasts for 13 years while the gas stoves last for 15. If you take care of your stoves regularly and properly, they may stay with you longer.

Is electric stove better than gas?

Well, we can’t distinguish which one is better because both of these have pros and cons. On one side, if the electric stove is providing you ease then at the same time it will cook your food slowly as compare to the gas stoves. Moreover, using the electricity it will costs you more.

Are electric stoves dangerous?

Most of the problems with electric stoves happen because of their inappropriate working. As we know that most of the electric stoves have flat surfaces and many users leave things there. So, it is quite possible to have a fire hazard risk.

Do you need a vent for an electric stove?

Yes, whether you are using the electric stove or gas stove, the ventilation or hood is a very good option. It maintains a good environment in the kitchen.

Do electric stoves use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity every stove consumes varies. However, if you have an energy rate of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour then it will costs you almost 36 cents per hour high heat. The cost will increase if you use it to cook a large amount of food. In other words, the more you cook the more electricity will be consumed.

Bottom line

In this article, we have tried to provide you all the necessary information that is required about the best electric stoves available in the market. if you think we have missed anything you can openly share it with us. When you make up your mind to buy an electric stove make sure the stove fits and suits your kitchen nicely. Different designs, shapes, color choices are available in the market. It is your choice which product you want in your kitchen. Before going to the market, you must read this article thoroughly so that you can have an idea which stove fulfills your requirements and suits you best. We hope you find this article informative.